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The experts at Future and Fast have spent the past decade developing several of the most popular software applications in use by small and medium-sized businesses in Pakistan and the wider world.

Graphic design

Graphic design has come a long way from its origins in making printed products look their best. Some of the concepts have not changed – good design is timeless after all – but the media have.

The printed page and the computer screen present quite different challenges and the mobile phone display takes the game further into new territory. We have been working alongside this constant regeneration throughout its development and have unique experience to offer.

Mobile app development

Maybe you have a great idea for a mobile phone app. How do you create it? You ask us, that’s how. We have years of experience in tailoring existing software products for mobile use and in creating new mobile apps now that smartphone usage is becoming virtually universal.

One of the keys is understanding what “works” in the mobile arena and how to optimise the benefits. Our cooperation with you will give you an unparalleled chance to make the best app possible.

Online marketing

From the development of websites 20 years ago as the first manifestation of online marketing, the digital world has never looked back. Now there are so many options available it is a struggle to know how to approach the subject. Social media marketing is perhaps the least well understood of the options available nowadays – but perhaps also the most important.

Fortunately, we have many years of experience of marketing our own businesses and unique insight into the technical aspects of making the best use of the online environment to make marketing both efficient and economically effective.


Hardly a day goes by without another data breach being reported in the news. The consequences can be catastrophic. In our history of developing software products, we have always prioritised security issues and have learned a great deal.

Future and Fast looks forward to passing on the benefits of our accumulated experience to all our clients, whether for website development and maintenance, mobile app creation and operation or in the marketing sphere.

Website design, development and maintenance

Great design is the fundamental requirement of any website in such a competitive environment. It must be fast, attractive and easy to navigate. Our vast experience enables us to tailor those necessities to suit your individual needs.

But maybe you want more than just a good-looking shopfront. If so, we have the technical skills to help you develop something much more active, to handle any data collected and to make sure it keeps running efficiently.

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